Saturday, 18 February 2012

First day on the road to Vegas!

Feb 16 2012
    First day of our trip to Vegas. We left Lethbridge at about 9 a.m. and drove straight to Bretts family’s condo at Lake Blaine. We had been on very slushy roads that had me on edge all of Marias pass, so getting over that part of the trip was awesome. Brett asked me where I wanted to eat, when by now he should be able to read my mind. One word, Costco. Their pizza and very berry sundaes are to die for! Brett usually gets the hot dog and we share the drink, then I get the pizza and we split the sundae. Dinner costing us a whopping $4.85. We’d be losing money if we didn’t eat there. Haha.  But when we entered their store, something caught my eye. The new “Ninja Pro.” If anyone is interested in getting a really good blender that doesn’t put a hole in your wallet, buy this product. I have had the first model of the Ninja for over a year now and I don’t go a day without using it for something. I usually use it for my smooties, but its fantastic for smoothies, cake mixes, salad dressings, crushing ice, and soups. The new Ninja Pro makes cookie dough, juices, makes icecream and makes bread dough. The price, one hundred twenty dollars. So cheap and it works! I have a feeling that when I bring this new Ninja home that my kitchen aide will get jealous.
   After we were done at Costco we went to JCPenny to look at their new pricing system. The CEO of JCPenny said they needed a new pricing structure. Brett and I had a pessimistic view about the change. We just wanted to go check it out to see if our suspicions were correct.  Frankly we were dead wrong. We thought we would just be looking, we ended up walking out of their store with two brand new suits, three pairs of dress pants, 3 shirts, and three ties. Three hundred fifty five dollars for that purchase. You can go into Moores in Lethbridge and barely get one suit for that. The tailor who works there, Jake, is an expert when it comes to suits. He probably spent a half an hour with us making sure that Brett got the perfect suit and got a real bang for his buck. Brett had a smile from ear to ear when the Jake told him he had a model body, big shoulders, tiny waist. Lol. After we got our receipt from the store, they ask you to go home and take a survey and rate how the tailor did on service. We did just that and after Jake’s help and the reviews I gave him, I hope he gets a raise.
  After spending a day in Kalispell, we thought we could have gone home because we were rather satisfied with our previous purchases. Brett thought it would be a good idea to rent a car for our trip and save putting 2500 miles on our Pontiac G6. We went to the airport to pick up our rental, I saw the beauty sparkling over half a mile away. We instantly made a connection. Brett picked up the key and told me the car was only six days old, I was in love. A new 2012 Nissan Altima. Its awesome on fuel, that’s what we both wanted. Unfortunately in 8 days 14 hours and 6 minutes, I have to return my new love. Its not going to be fun getting separated, until we meet again.

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  1. It sounds like you guys are having such a great time already! Great deals too, I wanna come check out the new ninja and the suits! That us a pretty sweet ride too, I'd be sad to see it safe:)