Wednesday, 22 February 2012

February 20 Salt Lake to Vegas! Brett's Mission experiences

Monday Feb 20, 2012 Brett’s Mission Memories
We left Rob and Carry’s at about 9:45 to head for Vegas. After about 5 miles, Brett had a lot of comments about certain exits off the interstate. Things to the extent of, “Oh I taught a guy who lives right off that exit. See that exit, that goes to the Polygamist colony, we were never allowed to go there.” It got Brett talking a lot about his mission. He asked me if it was ok to go and visit a guy he had taught. I was more than happy to go.
 His name was Paul; he was an auto body repair guy. Brett had spent a lot of time teaching him in Provo. His wife was lds and Brett could never get him to commit to be baptized. Five years after his mission, Brett got a Facebook message from one of his buddies in Provo who said Paul was going to be getting baptized and was wondering if Brett wanted to come. Paul had mentioned what a difference Brett had made in his life and would have been thrilled for him to come. Unfortunately with school and exams it couldn’t happen. But we wanted to visit him on our way down to Vegas. His car shop was closed but Brett is going to send a few emails to see if we can get a hold of him on our way back. Brett said its experiences like that that make a mission worthwhile. 

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