Wednesday, 22 February 2012

First Full Day in Vegas!

February 21, 2012
  Brett got a groupon online to go get a pedicure for me and a haircut for him, and then afterwards you eat at the restaurant on the level below. Best pedicure I’ve ever had and best haircut Brett’s ever had. Considering we paid fifty five dollars in total for thirty dollars toward lunch with a pedicure and haircut. Super cheap and a very relaxing way to start the day. We had walked the strip the night before, probably close to five miles when all was said and done. I got blisters on my feet from wearing the wrong shoes. Not smart. The girl who did my pedicure cured me. Brett’s hair looked fantastic!
  After we got groomed, we went to Garfield’s restaurant. I would give the actual food a seven out of ten. It was good but not great. Their portion sizes were miniscule compared to how much Brett and I usually eat. I believe the saying, the more expensive it is the less you get. A nine dollar salad was about four bites worth of food. Now the view of the restaurant, ten out of ten. It was definitely what I call a lake community. It was seventy degrees outside and there was a very slight breeze. I let everything just soak in as I sat there. I all of a sudden had the urge to live in Vegas where it was warm year round. Unfortunately I don’t think that will ever happen.
  Next up we went and got a deal at the Venetian to go to the Aquarium, go on the New York roller coaster, and have a day pass to go to the Circus Circus theme park. I was so excited that I wanted to go on the ride first. Bad idea. I almost started crying before we even got on it. The second I sat in my seat, those roller coaster people strapped me in like I was in a criminal and told me good luck. There was no turning back. In my head all I could think of was that book, “The five people you meet in Heaven,” where the roller coaster breaks. I thought it’s going to break, and it will be with me on it. Before I knew it my eyes were shut as tight as they could go and I held on for dear life. I really appreciated the three immature boys who sat behind me and made rather animated noises throughout the ride. They made it worse for me. I opened my eyes for probably half a second on the whole 90 second ride of death. The ride spiraled, went upside down and went faster than I ever thought could be legal for a roller coaster. I don’t know if they have laws about that, but they should implement them. Anyways, when it was all over, I couldn’t walk straight for the next ten minutes. We looked at the pictures that were taken during the ride. Brett’s face, hysterical, my face, eyes shut as tight as possible. Would I go again? Probably when I get Alzheimer’s disease and I forget I have already gone on it.
  We then went to the aquarium. Worth every penny! I loved it! Huge sharks, huge fish, sting rays, jelly fish, and a komodo dragon! I thought komodo dragons didn’t exist, but apparently these things eat deer. Unbelievable considering they are not all that big. Brett and I got to touch the eagle rays. I thought I would be the next crocodile hunter and be dead for sure. It was pretty cool.
  Next Brett had planned for us to go to the Body exhibit. Now if you like biology, you would love this. There were so many interesting facts that were posted on walls. Some of the ones I remember were, “For every pack of cigarettes you smoke, you take away two hours and forty minutes of your life. It’s a myth that we yawn because we lack oxygen in our brains. Scientists really don’t know why we yawn.” So things like that, it was very interesting. All of the bodies are real except for the eyes. Everyone there was very quiet as to give the proper respect to those who donated their bodies to science.
  For dinner that evening, we drove to what seemed like the edge of the world. “Lbs,” was the name of the restaurant. Quite ironic considering women are constantly trying to lose “lbs.” So the second they see that they are turned off. The burger, outstanding. Lots and lots of flavor, a definite candidate for drivers drive ins and dives. We had a milk shake that tasted heavenly. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad milkshake but this one tasted extra good. Probably because there was alcohol in it and I didn’t even know it.

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